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Pictures or documents linking with ads are forbidden now.

Posted: Fri Mar 29, 2013 9:19 am
by GeoAdmin
Dear Members of this forum,
As you may noticed there are no advertisements of any kind in this forum, except for those posted
in the relevant sections. We have done all in our power to keep this forum clean and pleasant to
read and we hope those of you, who come regularly to this forum enjoy that fact.
We finance this forum absolutely based on funding generously provided by Geoscanners AB and will
not tolerate other companies profiting from advertisements here. For those who want to place
advertisements for their companies and as long as it is related to ground penetrating radar then by
all means do so, but only in the proper section. Spamming of topics will not be tolerated.
If you need to post something, then please upload your document or picture to this forum or alternatively
posted on your own website free of advertisement. Do not link to sites full of advertisements or spam,
those links will be removed by the administrator or moderator.
For the links that have already been posted there will be a one week transition time after which they
will be removed as well.
We like very much the diversity this forum provides and we definitely love all your pictures and data
it makes our community very interesting and diverse. We definitely do not like advertisements of any
thing or any kind except for ground penetrating radar equipment or software.
Thank you for your cooperation and understanding.