Basic Rules of Behavior

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Basic Rules of Behavior

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These forums are supported 100% by Geoscanners AB and are not open for advertising proposals, so thanks, but no thanks.
The following are the basic rules of behavior in these forums:
  • Do not post copyrighted material, in Sweden that is a criminal offense persecuted severely by the law.
  • Do not post material non related to Ground Penetrating Radar or Geophysical methods in general.
  • Bashing and Trashing Manufacturers is absolutely forbidden
  • Criticism should be relevant and polite, explain your point and listen to the other party.
  • Be polite to one another, remember we are here to read interesting things not insults.
If you post a question and don't get answered immediately do not despair, sometimes it takes longer than others.

Reinaldo Alvarez Cabrera
Geoscanners AB