Advice about GPR purchase

This is an updated list of equipment manufacturers of ground penetrating radar
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Advice about GPR purchase

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Hello there,

We are in process of buying GPR system....We are land surveying company from Serbia hired to find and survey underground gas pipelines. There are steel and plastic pipes. What would be a GPR of choice for us?
Please advice....


Greetings from Serbia

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Re: Advice about GPR purchase

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I can recommend a GPR, as well as to assist in the purchase, consult a complete set, bring it to you and to provide training.
Write me an e-mail and I'll send you all the information on GPR.

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Re: Advice about GPR purchase

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Hi, KHE3

I can offer VIY GPR.
Unfortunately in Serbia we do not have representation. However, we have the experience of supplying to many countries from Brazil to China.

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