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Welcome Temote!
Agnes Lundberg
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Hello everyone .. my name is Humba.

I have recently purchased the GPA 1000 - Version 2013 which comes with the Gold Scan from KTS Electronic from Germany and have spent a considerable amount of money purchasing this equipment but it is faulty and the Gold Scan readings are off. Has anyone had any experience with this equipment before. Wondering if I should just return the whole package?

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Re: Hello welcome

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Welcome to the forum Humba,
It is sad when things do not work the way they were promised to. But, have you contacted the
seller? It looks to me like it is a gradiometer of some sort, but I don't know, have never seen one in
real life. It doesn't appear to have many settings though. The manufacturer claims it doesn't
require previous experience which sounds strange, to say the least.
Anyway, if I was in your shoes I'd contact the seller/manufacturer and ask. It would be very
useful for others if you can tell us how did it go.
Good luck!
Reinaldo Alvarez Cabrera
Geoscanners AB

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