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Hey Everyone!

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Hey yall,

My name is Ryan and I am very new to the GPR world. Currently, I am a graduate research student at the University of Central Florida (UCF) in sunny & warm Orlando Florida, USA 8-) . Here at UCF this year, we will be starting research projects regarding GPR systems to detect voids & distresses in pavement subgrade and also detection of possible sinkholes or subsidence in natural soil. As I said earlier, I am very new to this type of research and project planning, but I have already learned so much through a couple weeks of reading and tinkering around with GPR antennas and software that we currently have here. Super stoked to find this forum and just reading through some of the older posts have helped me greatly already! Below is a list of the equipment/software we currently own at UCF, if any of you all have worked with any of the listed and have any tips or comments, please feel free to chime in!

GSSI Shielded Antennas: 400 MHz, 200 MHz, & 80 MHz
GSSI SIR 20 Data Acquisition Unit
Radan 5 & Radan 7 data processing software

Best of luck to everyone in their GPR business, research, or hobbies! Looking forward to learning more and being a part of the GPR forum community :D


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