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PostPosted: Tue Nov 29, 2011 8:33 am 

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In a growing market in the use of GPR, many individuals think that they can run a company specialized in GPR surveys. An investment of approx. 50.000 USD and of we go.................. In the Netherlands there is a group of companies (all using GPR) joined in the BOGG. The aim for this group is to get the technology accepted by all the Dutch cable and pipeling owners by creating a directive for GPR surveys.

- Has anyone experience with such a procedure?
- How can the GPR market (world wide) create a certain quality standard?

Hope to get some reactions soon!

Dick Broekhuizen
Grontmij Netherlands bv.

Projectleader Geophysical department

PostPosted: Thu Dec 01, 2011 10:24 am 
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That is an excellent question DickB!
The EuroGPR association has been trying to do something similar for a while now.
There are a few documents pointing in that direction, some of those written by the TSA
in the UK. There is a link in the forum somewhere to that, but I'm sure you will find it.
The problem with this, from my point of view of course, is that there are many small
companies involved in this industry with quite different approaches and specifications to
the same problems or concepts. Take for instance the biggest GPR manufacturer and,
still, in comparison with other instruments manufacturers is a dwarf company with a very
modest turnover in the general picture of companies selling instruments. And that probably
is not going to change any time soon because of the low sales volume the industry operates upon.
Where am I going with all this? Well to the point that in order to have a standard you need
first of all the manufacturers to agree upon something. If it wouldn't have been for the
union of Intel, Microsoft, Mitsubishi and many others I don't remember now, it never would have
been a solid an universal interface like the USB. And, no, I'm not comparing GPR with USB,
it is just an example. One manufacturer calls the output from the radar unit "B-Scan", other just
"Scan", a third one "Profile" and even "Radargram", so what to call it in a standardized version
of the survey? I think the first starting point is to have a common set of denomination for the
same things and settings. Then it comes the second big problem, "to process or not to process?"
that is the question! One manufacturer will argue with you that you need to acquire the "raw"
data while other will tell you that is none sense. So, it has to be a standard way of collecting
the data, right? which one is gonna be? Further into this, quality assurance of the survey is
easy to establish, you "see it" or you don't, but, and now this is a question I'm very sure you
have encountered before, what happens if what you see is not what the customer expected?
Is it because you did a lousy job or because the answer is, unfortunately, not always straight
forward and sometimes the same thing can be interpreted in two different ways.
Well, this is just to continue your thread which I think is super interesting and necessary.
I hope some others will be willing to share their opinions as well.

Reinaldo Alvarez Cabrera
Geoscanners AB

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