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 Post subject: Re: Looking for a GPR
PostPosted: Tue Apr 02, 2013 7:01 pm 

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Thank you Reinaldo,

I'm sure there must be different "handling" between acoustic and EM waves.

I already sent some request to get detail about your products that fit my needs.They offering me Scorpio with 100 and 400 MHZ antennas.And Geo 80 with GEKKO 80 antenna.I could find some info about Scorpio but until now I still difficult to find out the product information about Geo80 with GEKKO antenna.What is the differences between Scorpio and Geo in general?

Best Regards,

 Post subject: Re: Looking for a GPR
PostPosted: Wed Apr 03, 2013 4:31 pm 
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Hi bimos,
Thank you for requesting information. The difference is quite significant actually. In a nutshell the Gekko antennas are the
successor of Subecho antennas we used to manufacture for Radarteam and used extensively by GSSI users, more than
500 sold to date.
This means these antennas are:
1. unshielded
2. more powerful pulses with very fast rise times, I will not go on details about how many volts etc for strategic reasons,
but you can always ask privately.
3. larger in size, but still quite compact considering the competition.
4. non FCC or ETSI compliant.
5. real penetration depth up to 40m in monostatic and up to 55m in bistatic mode with stacking.
The GCB antennas are:
1. shielded
2. less powerful
3. more efficient in terms of delivered power
4. fully FCC and ETSI compliant, EC certified.
5. real penetration depth with GCB-100 is up to 18m and with the GCB-400 up to 4m.
The difference between the control units used in the Scorpio vs Geo is quite small, but still can make a difference in some
survey types. The units are the Akula 9000B and the Akula 9000BP, in short the BP does everything the B does, but
with a little bit of extra functions, for instance, you can set up your PRF freely, the power consumption is somewhat lower,
and it has a better gain and filtering functions and the data is more clear with antennas capable of working at low PRF as
it would have been expected. I don't know the difference in price because that's not my job in the company, so, no idea :-)
For more information please talk to Mr. Bekic at support-at-geoscanners-dot-com I'm more on the technical side of the
company while he is more on the practical side and tackling lots of survey tasks regularly. If you need more info about the
software or what can and cannot be done then probably your best contact would be Mrs. Natalia you can contact her
at software-at-geoscanners-dot-com.
Best regards,

Reinaldo Alvarez Cabrera
Geoscanners AB

 Post subject: Re: Looking for a GPR
PostPosted: Fri Apr 26, 2013 4:41 pm 

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GeoAdmin wrote:
Hi tbardy21,
The first stop would be the manufacturers and their representative, as with any equipment there are many demo units that are being sold after a year or so when they are replaced with new ones. So, talk to the manufacturers and ask if they have any demo units for sales.

When it comes to rentals, I'd say most companies would rent you the equipment, but it would be preferable to find one in your country otherwise the penalty of shipping and deposit can be overwhelming.
But, I'm quite sure that a simple search on the Internet with "geophysical equipment rental" will bring you several hits.
Hope this was helpful

Thank you for sharing all of that information with me! That was very helpful. I certainly will contact a company representative for options on rentals. Also, thank you for the heads up on the manufacturing details. I wasn't aware of that.

 Post subject: Re: Looking for a GPR
PostPosted: Fri Jul 19, 2013 2:37 pm 

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bimos wrote:
I think SEG2 is not a problem at all and my processing app could deal with SEG2.

Best Regards,

Hi bimos

If you have not found a system yet we might have kit worth considering.
As the GSSI rep in the uk we have used equipment from time to time.
Mail me

Best regards

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